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Our family heirlooms.

Grandfather Clock Mantle Clock Saw Clock Century Clock Record Clock

Roll Top Desk Desk Chair Occasional Chair Gran's Rocker Verlautz Rocker

Cedar Chest Steamer Trunk Table Bench Occasional Table Teacher Desk

Plant Stand Warning Lantern Kerosene Lantern Treadle Sewing Machine Spinning Wheel

Kline Telephone Waffle Iron Butter Churn Toaster Plates

Bath Set and Tea Table Hair Receiver Set Wall light Clarinet Lamp Mason Canning Jar

Burnett Scissors Razors Bev's Jewelry Chest Sad Irons Crocks

Pool Cue Cane Flying Ducks Scottish Targe Scottish Broadswords Canoe Paddles

Boundary Waters Map Egret Painting Dog Painting Fruit Still Life Border Homestead Watercolor

Kitchen Painting Barn Painting Ocean Front Painting Waterfall Painting Greenridge Hoedowners

Square Dance Quilt Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedias Book of Knowledge Little Luxart Library The Pocket Treasury

Hurricane Desk Lamp Pottery Fountain Wall Fountain Barbara's Stein Kathie's Stein

Gone Square Dancing Bev's Mardi Gras Mask Kathie's Mardi Gras Mask Crow Chick Sign Shower Sign

Crewel Trees Bonnie's Cross Stitch Crewel Snow Scene Bev's Candles Thread Holders

Cabbage Patch Boy Cabbage Patch Girl Nell's Carving Set USMC Helmet USMC Cover

Larry's Pig Red Dishes Helen's Serving Bowls Kathie's Serving bowls Bone China

Japanese Tea Set Corelle Callaway Blue Willow Hardy Table Service Noritake China

Napkin Holder Mixing Bowl Spice Rack Calphalon Knife Set Border Family Bible

Charcoal Portraits Border Paintings Kline Family Kline Crest Sunflower Painting

Kline Bellows Crewel Wagon Scene Gnomes Cats Western Knife Set

Bill's Wind Chime Wine Barrel Calphalon Pot Rack Ceramic Doll Underwood Typewriter
House Painting Cut Nails Milk Can Century Clock Callaway Kitchen Clock

Duck Soap Dish USMC Plaque & Cups Douglas C-117 Model Bird Wine Cork Serving Bowl

Three Handle Vase Spinning Wheel Wicker Furniture Wind Chime Circa 1898 Plaque

Kathie's Baby Cup Kathie's Baby Plate Erik's Cup & Bowl Erik's Plate Canned Fruit

Jim's Baby Shoes Gold Cream & Sugar Set Cut Crystal Cream & Sugar Set Cut Lead Crystal Cream & Sugar Set Cut Crystal Creamer

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